iHerb Malaysia, Avoid GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Malaysian Goods and Services Tax (GST)

In Malaysia, when ordering items from overseas, the Malaysian customs will levy a Goods and Services Tax (GST) for packages whose value exceeds a certain amount.

The current rate is 6%, with a cutoff value of RM400.

Note that this value is for the total amount, which not only includes the value of the goods, but also for shipping and insurance (if applicable).

Example 1:

Goods, RM380
Shipping, RM30
Insurance, RM 10

For this order, the total is RM380 + RM30 + RM10 = RM420. Because this example exceeds the RM400 threshold, GST will be levied on this order.

Example 2:

Goods, RM350
Shipping, RM20
Insurance, RM 0

For this order, the total is RM350 + RM20 = RM370. As the total here is less than RM400, GST will NOT be levied on this order.

Inconsistency from Malaysian Customs

There has been a lot of grumblings about the inconsistent way the Malaysian customs handle personal orders coming from overseas.

Occasionally, there are those whose order value is less than RM400 and yet they were charged GST.

How To Avoid GST when ordering from iHerb

Experienced Malaysian iHerb customers seem to recommend following these steps to avoid getting charged with GST:

1. Splitting up large orders
2. Using Global Mail instead of DHL when possible
3. Keeping total value below RM300
4. To be extra safe, someone even recommended having a maximum of 8 items per order, with a maximum of 2 for each type of product.


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